Refrigerant Use In Homestead Air Conditioning Repair

As any expert worth his salt will tell you, refrigerants can be harmful to the environment. So much so, that the Government has already put measures into place to help curb it’s use. Our Homestead air conditioning repair servicemen are well aware of the changing times, and can help advise you moving forward.

HCFC-22 production will come to a grinding halt over the next few years. Systems that still rely on it to cool their air will only be able to use recovered Freon from other units. For this reason, many Homestead air conditioning repairs will be very different in the future. Freon is known to be less harmful to the ozone layer than previous iterations, but terrible for Global warming.

Thankfully, many of the newer appliances that do not rely on HCFC-22 are carried by Air Conditioning Homestead. We can help you go green, and save money in the process! Things like heat pumps are wonderful upgrades to your old units. These work by simply moving warm or cool air from one spot, to where it is needed. They effectively cool your home without the need for artificial refrigerants.

Our technicians are available 24/7 to help answer your questions about continued refrigerant use in Homestead air conditioning repair. We are also able to come meet with you in person.

Another issue that has slowly taken hold across the country, is the huffing of refrigerant by teenagers. Looking to get high, they sometimes damage units attempting to breathe in the Freon. As bad as this is for the environment, it is possible worse for the human body. There have already been deaths as a result from this practice. The feeling is not an actual high, the Freon expands the user’s lungs and causes a dizzy feeling by obstructing oxygen to the brain. With the crackdowns continuing to be administered, hopefully this deadly play will be curbed as well.